Our Promise

Limelight’s goal and mission is simple and straightforward - generate athletes passive income.

Connecting with fans, building your brand and providing a platform of creative expression are all vital parts of our promise as a merchandise provider. At the same time, we don’t get caught up in the fluff, and we stay focused on what’s most important.

We will always be doing whatever we feel is necessary to sell the most merchandise, and you get a competitive 12% royalty on every single sale.

To be clear - we will take care of the entire workload. We’ll facilitate the design process with an experienced creative team, produce and ship your products, test and run different marketing campaigns, as well as customer service and more.

This also means we’ll be running promotions, choosing the selling price for products, adding and designing new products, and choosing when to add new products for different athletes.

As an athlete you have two responsibilities - give us your creative input so your collection is unique to you, and help us maximize your sales by posting on social media.

All we ask is you trust us to do our thing, you’ll do your thing, and we’ll win together.

Terms & Conditions Overview

Please ask us any questions you have at any point!


Through NCAA eligibility, either party has the option to back out and cease merchandise sales at any point with 30 days notice.

Grant of License

For the duration of the agreement, you agree to give Limelight Apparel non-exclusive rights to your NIL.

*This is a non-exclusive agreement, meaning we will never limit future NIL opportunities for you in any way.

Merchandising Services

We will handle the design, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of products, as well the initial investment required to start your apparel line.

This means we will set prices, create generic designs for different demographics, decide when to have discounts, launch marketing campaigns, etc.

If you have any input at any point let us know!! We take care of all this to make it easier on you, but we are more than happy to execute ideas you have if we're able to.


Athletes are paid a 12% royalty on total sales.

This means you get 12% of the total gross revenue, and you don't have to worry about marketing costs, products costs, etc- we take care of all that for you.

Intellectual Property

You will always own the rights to your NIL and intellectual property, Limelight only owns the artwork it creates.


Will I ever have to pay out of pocket?


How often will I be paid?

You'll be paid bi-weekly, but will always be able to see a live view of your sales in the payout portal.

What are my Social Media Requirements?

We only ask that you post a minimum once per season on IG, but a good post on any platform is always something we want to help you use to maximize your sales.

You’ll work with a Limelight Rep to build every post and have control over the pictures and caption. We'll also have an in-house content team doing photoshoots of merch, which you will of course have access to.

How often will I get new products?

As we grow and build our dedicated creative team, we aim to have a wide range of unique products for each athlete, including new drops for rivalry games, highlight moments, and more. At the moment we have a full catalog of products we offer and will be adding new designs as fast as we can.

Additional Services


Intricate marketing campaigns

  • Facebook / google ads
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Community-based social media marketing
  • and much more


We will provide you with a few initial samples for photo content. When you want more samples, we'll be able to send them to you at-cost. You can just text your Limelight rep what you want, where to send them, and we'll pull the cost out of your payout balance.

Goals + Vision - Fall 2022

Here’s a list of features and services we plan on adding as soon as we can - most of which we want to have up and running at some point this football season.

  • Customized Pack-ins to connect with and thank fans (QR codes, autographed notes, etc.)
  • Free Limelight merch and care packages from us
  • Help with facilitating giveaways / signing events
  • Getting your merch in stores close to your campus
  • Tax resources, we’ll help you as needed
  • More passive income opportunities for you with additional NIL deals