Payout Portal

Through Limelight’s payout portal, Athletes and any other designated representatives will be able to log in with their own email and see the athlete’s sales in real time.

Here’s a brief walkthrough of what that will look like and how it will work.

You’ll first be prompted to create your login.

Once we approve and set up your account, you’ll get an email saying your account is ready.

Once you login you’ll be prompted to fill out your ‘Portal Profile,’ and specify who’s account it belongs to, along with your preferred payout method.

Below is an example of your Dashboard. You’ll be able to see a detailed view of each product sold, the money you will be paid per product, as well as each individual order, and more.

You'll be paid bi-weekly via your preferred payout method, and you’ll get an email notification along with each product you were paid royalties for.