How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders take 4-8 business days to be processed and shipped.

Why haven’t I received a tracking number?

You'll be emailed a tracking number once your order is shipped. If you still have not received a tracking number, don’t worry! Sometimes our fulfillment center gets backed up, but you can always reach out to us to check in on the status of your order.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Due to the nature of our production process, each garment is printed on demand, and we begin processing orders as soon as they are placed. For this reason we are unable to cancel or make changes to orders.

Do you accept refunds / returns?

If you’ve received the wrong order or a damaged item, please reach out to our support team with a photo of the issue and we will be happy to assist you as soon as we can! Please make sure that you refer to our sizing chart before making your order as we can only replace your order if you’ve received the wrong product or a damaged package.

Have shipping and return questions we haven't answered for you? Drop us a line in the form provided and someone with our team will be in touch.